Understanding and preparing to take the ACT and SAT college admission tests can be overwhelming. We are here to help! We offer individual as well as small class preparation sessions. During the sessions, we go over tips and strategies for each section. We practice together during the session and assign work to be done between each session.

Highlights of the Sessions:

  • Provides strategies to reduce stress and increase scores in all test sections
  • Introduces students to the formats of both tests and encourages them to focus on the test that best suits their test taking strengths
  • Binders with practice tests are provided – no need to purchase any materials
  • Students are held accountable to spend time practicing in between sessions.


Common questions about the ACT and SAT college admission tests:

Should I take the SAT or ACT?  Is one test preferred by particular colleges over another?

Both ACT and SAT scores are used for college admissions decisions and awarding merit-based scholarships. Most colleges do not prefer one test over the other. You should always check with the college admissions criteria of your desired school. It is recommended that students try both tests to see which one they perform better on. Both the SAT and ACT offer seven Saturday test dates a year so there are plenty of opportunities to take either test. Please visit and for more information.

Should my student sign up for the optional Writing or Essay component of the ACT or SAT?

There is a great deal of confusion about whether to sign up a student for the optional writing portion of the tests. The written portion has changed over the years. For the SAT, as of June 2021, any student who takes an official SAT will not have the option to complete a written essay. If the SAT is offered to students during the school day, the essay may still exist as an option at the schools’ request. For the ACT, the written portion is optional. Students may choose whether they would like to take it or not. (Taking the ACT’s writing portion adds an additional $25.00.)

There are several colleges that accept writing scores as part of a student’s application, but do not require them. In this case, they recommend submitting a score, although students who do not submit scores will not be penalized. This means that if you take the writing section and score well, you may want to submit it along with the rest of your ACT/SAT scores. Make sure to take a close look at the colleges you’re considering and see what their website mentions about the ACT writing test.

  • The Center for Lifelong Learning offers one-on-one ACT and SAT sessions. In our individual sessions, students have the opportunity to work with a trained ACT/SAT academic coach. The students can choose to focus on one or both of the tests. During these sessions, the coach shares tips and strategies for each section. They practice problems together and they assign homework between each session. It is important that the students complete the homework.
  • The Center also offers small group ACT and SAT classes throughout the year. These classes are 6 weeks long and are two hours each. They are a great way to introduce students to these two college admission tests. We will go over tips and strategies for all the sections as well as effective ways to practice at home. Upon completion of the course, students will have a clear understanding as to which test is better suited for them. 


Upcoming Group Courses

  • SAT Group Course  Register for the course by 8/9. Register for the SAT on 10/5 by 9/20 
    • Dates: Monday Nights (8/12, 8/19, 8/26, 9/9, 9/16, 9/30) 
    • Time: 6:30pm-8:30 pm 
    • Location: Academic Building


  • ACT Group Course Register for the course by 8/14. Register for the ACT on 10/26 by 9/20 
    • Dates: Saturday Mornings (8/17, 8/24, 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 10/5)
    • Time: 10:00am-12:00 pm
    • Location: Academic Building